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Remember you can never do enough research to make your trip the best it can be.
These websites are a great start, but in terms of travel tips the Internet is your best friend.
Did you know it's possible to register your itinerary online with the Australian Government? They keep it private and should there be a mishap, they know just where to find you. The site offers this service and invaluable updates for travellers.
Offers a 48 hour visa and passport turnaround service
Transportation Safety Administration in USA. This is a must if you are heading to the USA.
Ensure you are up to date and aware of immunisations and other health safety related to the countries you are visiting.
This is a treasure trove of ideas and hours of reading to get you in the mood.

Keeping in touch while away? Wifi hotspots around the world is a must to have in your favourites.

Knowing the kind of weather you are heading to really helps with your packing.
This is a reliable classic currency converter.
Not all airline seats are created equal! This genius website has interactive maps of seat-plans for almost every commercial aircraft. Just enter your seat number and aircraft model for a rating of your seat.

Be organised and prepared for anything... let Plane Jane make your trip one to relish not one to forget!

Good luck and remember to...

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